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We will continue to broaden our product range through our team works effectively in delivering excellent quality products at every stage to improve and enhance your home projects. Our ultimate and principal focus is to ensure that our retailers and consumers receive durable products anytime. With over 40 warehouses and six production facilities devoted to the Maruti Udyog’s name, we are developing and broadening our products and production to every sector and part.


If you are looking for that freshly polished view of your interior, then our oil-based superior adhesion qualities enamel paint may be the right choice for you. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying synthetic enamel paints to our customers worldwide. The inherent stability of these paints to erosion, weather, and water resistance is available in various colors and continuities.

The Maruti Udyog gives you solid, reasonably durable, stain-resistant, and stylish paint shades altered and built for both exterior and interior use. In both matte and gloss forms, it provides you with a high-quality finish. For both types of primer, silicone enamel paints may be ideal without losing their shine.

Synthetic enamel best for:

  • Wood Work
  • Iron and Steel Surface
  • Plastered Surface       
  • Painting on Old Surface


Paints with superior durability and adhesive property make not only your home and workplaces beautiful but our bond too. We believe in making your home and workplaces feel as cheerful and beautiful as you are. The emulsion consists of small acrylic particles that are a perfect way to make the walls look smooth, shiny, glossy, polished, and matt and is a water-based, odorless, waterproof color.

At wholly fair and affordable costs, we give you a wide variety of emulsion paints to choose from. Emulsion paint has various finishes, such as matt, soft, shiny, and silky. Segment products are available in multiple segments, such as medium, mid and high, according to form and consistency of finish.

Best use for:

  • Interior walls and ceilings
  • Wooden and concrete floors
  • Furniture


A solid foundation leads the way for a robust application, and it is essential to select the right primer. The Maruti Udyog gives you the best framework for your office and home. For internal as well as external use, we have assured primers. Our primers have outstanding adhesion consistency that stops any dirt from sticking and gives you a high coverage finish.

High-quality paints and primers are starting to get better and better as the years go by. Not only are the formulas that offer higher coverage and more saturated colors improved, but high-grade paints are also now-or low-VOC, which means that they are cleaner for you, your home, and your home’s air quality.

Best use for:

  • Best for wood
  • Best for metal
  • The best for overall
  • Best for glossy surfaces


We recommend varnishes for interior and exterior applications on any surfaces because Varnishes are less translucent substances used to provide a protective surface coating in much the same way as paints do. It is a smooth, rough, protective finish or film primarily used in wood finishing and other materials. The varnish is traditionally a combination of drying oil, a resin, and a thinner or solvent.

They are high in quality and give you a glossy application with outstanding longevity and preservation of gloss. Our company offers a good variety of varnishes that can be blended to provide a more lustrous look for any form of synthetic enamel.

Best use for:

  • Varnish shields the color from dirt and ashes.
  • A strong, protective, removable layer is applied to the surface of the painting.


It cannot be easy to connect a broad range of subtracts together, but we made it simple. Synthetic resins are used for manufacturing; they may be formed with additives from natural components or consist of synthetic resins from artificial polymers used in the agri-food and livestock industry, where high surface resistance resins and UV rays are needed. This stuff is provided by polymerization and polycondensation reactions.

Synthetic resins are produced with propelling and high technology at our site. They are adhesive components dependent on water that is used to stick together different wood subtracts. We give you an incredibly robust bond strength that works perfectly even in unpleasant weather with these powerful properties.

Best use for:

  • The Nautical and automotive Industries
  • Used as a silicone thermoset used as adhesives.
  • Building laminated wood
  • Decoration of floors for self-leveling
  • Surfaces for architecture


For the flawless finish you’re aiming for, and these oil-based paints are admirable. Our lacquer thinners contain solvents that are the most decadent version of the paint thinner, such as amyl and ethyl. It is extremely flammable and causes heavy odors, but it also acts as an excellent cleaning element. It can quickly remove solid and flaky paints on walls for potential paint applications.

To decrease lacquers and epoxies, use the Maruti Udyog’s Lacquer Thinner or clean paint tools and equipment directly after use. It may also be used to degrease elements. Using just the quantities recommended. Read all instructions before use, and follow all instructions and alerts carefully.

Best use for:
• To make the most appealing, strip the sheen on surfaces
• Used mainly for clean brushes, rollers, and paint spray machines.
• Lacquer thinner is suitable for dissolving lacquers, paints, oils, grease, and other substances with high adhesive properties or breaking them up.