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If you are looking for a perfect paint with top-notch quality, search no further. The Maruti Udyog is the jack of all trades in-home painting, waterproofing, and wood coating solutions. Now turn your space from bleak to chic with Maruti Udyog because colors speak louder than words.
Derived from one of the Hindu god’s names, Sri Hanuman, The Maruti Udyog is a domestic manufacturer of Synthetic Enamel paints, emulsion, primers, varnishes, Synthetic resins, lacquers, and thinners. Celebrating its 61 years as an organization, The Maruti Udyog, which was initially founded by a father-son duo, is now managed by the grandson Malay Tripathi with its headquarters Bhawanipur, Vindhyachal, Mirzapur. The company works with the ultimate aim of turning your house into a home by adding life through colors.
The Maruti Udyog offers you top-quality paints and other finishes at affordable prices that fit your budget. Our prime significance is to provide ultimate customer satisfaction and fulfill all your customer requirements and needs. Both our paints and paint finishes are of a beautiful quality paint that is very easy and accessible for professional painters and even for the people who prefer to do the painting tasks themselves.

We have successfully upgraded and expanded our product line

We have successfully advanced and expanded our product line with a responsibility to safety and innovation with various sizes and more than 50 products. Our sizing options vary from 4.5oz containers to 50-gallon drums. Themarutiudyog also includes Brilliant white, BlackBoard paint, Red Oxide Metal Primer, Wood Pink Primer, Wood White Primer, Cement Primer, Primer Surfacer, Yellow Zinc Chromate Primer, Black Bituminous, Thinner, Varnish, Wood Finishes, that are available in plenty of sizes and packaging.

What sets us apart in the market?

We at The Maruti Udyog are committed to providing premium quality paint and finish in the industry. What sets us apart in the market is that we work hard to offer products that enhance the well-being, satisfaction, and profitability of our customers. In the end, we work with the most astonishing honesty at all times and ensure to remain true to our roots and values.